Glamour for all – Glam-Boudoir

Brides, this is a great gift for your groom

Boudoir photography is a popular trend that has become a popular wedding day gift from a bride to her groom. Roger Williams approaches boudoir a little differently by incorporating his experience as a fashion and glamour photographer to create amazing images and an experience that is simply unforgettable. Roger’s Glam-Boudoir photography is sexy and tasteful, just like regular boudoir photography. You can expect the style of this type of photography to range from classic pinup-inspired to implied nudes (where you’re not completely showing your naughty bits.)

Be a top glamour model for a day!

Roger Williams is a top glamour photographer in Denver specializing in Glam-Boudoir for women who are not professional models looking for something a little over the top.

Treat yourself and enjoy the experience of creating photos of a lifetime. Roger will patiently guide you through simple posing techniques to create amazing pictures.

Take advantage of the specialized city apartment set in Roger’s studio RAW Photographic teaming with magical natural light.

What to wear for your Glam-boudoir session

It’s pretty simple, wear something that makes you feel sexy. The way you feel and your overall disposition is just as important, if not more so, than how you actually look. It is always a good idea to bring black and bright colored items so you can mix and match. Corsets are always great to be photographed in as they really accentuate your curves. Again, think sexy, or what you would like your significant other to see you wearing.

Glamour photography according to Wikipedia

Glamour photography is a genre of photography in which the subjects, usually female, are portrayed in erotic or exciting ways ranging from fully clothed to nude but in ways that either may conceal or may otherwise not especially draw attention to the subjects’ breasts and buttocks.

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Glamour - Roger Williams Photographer
Glamour by Denver-based photographer Roger Williams - RAW Photographic Studio
Glamour - Roger Williams Photographer
Glamour - Roger Williams Photographer
Glamour - Roger Williams Photographer
Glamour - Roger Williams Photographer
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Glam Boudoir - Roger Williams Photographer
Glamour - Roger Williams Photographer
Glam Boudoir - Roger Williams Photographer
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